Welcome to Mosaic, a framework for creating community based websites. A Mosaic website consists of a collection of pages which may be accessed via the navigation bar at the top of the window. The navigation bar contains:

  • a Home link to take you to the Home page
  • links to various pages on the site such as Calendars, People, Groups, Email, Documents and Pictures
  • an "Other" menu for less frequently accessed pages
  • a "Help" link to this documentation about the site
  • a dropdown menu with your household name where you can access:
    • your household page
    • the Settings window for your account
    • the Edit Tabs window, where you can customize the navigation bar for yourself
    • a Theme side menu for choosing a theme for yourself
    • a link to Logout of the site

Sometimes you may be editing information on the site. This will generally be done using a form that contains rows of data to edit, each of which has a label on the left and a data field on the right. Forms usually contain a "save" button in the upper right or in the case of a popup form, an "add" or "save" button in the bottom right. There are many lists on the site, some of which you can edit. The editable ones usually have an "add" button in the upper right and "edit" buttons on the right side of each row for editing that particular row. Clicking "add" or "edit" will either replace the list with a form for a single row or popup a form for adding or editing a row.

After you log in the first time you may want to change some of the settings for your account. Please see the help for the Settings window using the link on the left.