Add Documents

Documents may be added to the Docs page and each Groups page also has a Documents section. To edit the list on the Documents page you must have the "documents" role for your account and then you will have an "Edit Documents" item in the popup menu in the upper right. On the groups page, members of the group see a pencil icon that allows them to edit the lists on the page. When adding a new document in either place, a form pops up where you can

  • enter a title for the document
  • select the type of document, such as "policy", "how to", "manual" or whatever you want. click the pencil to the right of the popup to edit the available types
  • select one of 3 different ways to add a document:
    • create a new document - selecting this option allows you to create a document by typing (or pasting in text). Toolbars are provided for formating the text. This is the recommended method because typed/pasted documents can be searched later.
    • upload a document - selecting this option changes the form to allow you to upload a document from your computer to the site. Any type of document may be uploaded. Uploaded documents such as Word or PDF can not be searched later.
    • select a file on the server - selecting this option allows you to select a file from a list of files previously uploaded to the server in the site's "documents" directory.

When someone viewing the site clicks on a link for a document, one of two different things can happen:

  • if the document was created with the first method or if the document uploaded is a text or HTML document it will be shown to the user in a popup window.
  • if the document is some type other than text or HTML it will be downloaded to the user's computer.