Add Minutes

Minutes may be added to the main Minutes page and each Groups page may also have a Minutes tab. To edit the list on the Minutes page you may need to have the "minutes" role for your account.

A pencil icon button allows the minutes to be edited or deleted, and new minutes to be added.

After clicking the "add" button, a form will appear with fields for the minutes.

  • set the meeting date
  • enter a summary for the minutes (these will be displayed on the minutes list)
  • type or paste in the text for the minutes. There is a toolbar for formatting the text as you like.
  • on the main Minutes page there will be a field to optionally set the Group for the minutes
  • there is a "show on main minutes page" checkbox for group minutes so you can specify to show the minutes only on the group's page or also on the main minutes page
  • there is a "show on news feed" checkbox so you can specify whether or not to show the addition of the new minutes on the news feed on the Home page
  • optionally select an email list to post an email announcing the new minutes (if your site has email lists)
  • optionally add attachments to the minutes
  • click "add" in the form to save the minutes