Mail Lists

Mail lists are a convenient way to send emails to community members and to archive email conversations. Community members can post to the list by sending an email to the address of the list. Emails that are sent to that address will be forwarded on to all of the subscribers to the list.

When adding or editing mail lists, the form contains the following fields

address will be the beginning of the email address for the list. For example, you want to create a list for all the members of the community called "members" then enter "members" in the field. The text after the field is to remind you that the email address for the list will be
send to field allows you to select who is subscribed to the list. There are three main types of options for this field:
  • Subscribers is for lists where individual members can decide to subscribe or unsubscribe to this list on the Email page.
  • Group options are for lists that automatically subscribe members of a group to the list. Whenever someone joins or leaves the group, they are automatically subscribed or unsubscribed to the mail list.
  • People options are for different types of community members. For example, you can have a list that is sent to Everyone, Owners, or Renters. These options can be changed by adding new fields to the People records.
active uncheck this box when you no longer want a list but used but still want to keep the archives.
announce only check this box to have the list only accept new posts and reject any replies to posts
archive check this box to archive all posts to the list
archives public uncheck this box to have the archives only available to list subscribers
footer enter text that you want to add to the bottom of every post
accept posts from outside non-subscribers (i.e. anyone) uncheck this box to turn off the white listing feature which only accepts posts from addresses that are known to the system (people's email address and "additional emails"). Doing this is useful if you have a public address for non community members to reach you.
accept posts from outside subscribers check this box it enable the "outside subscribers" list of non community members who can post to the list.
outside subscribers a list of non community members who can post the list.
people the list of community members who are subscribed to the list. This only for lists that have "send to" set to "Subscribers".

Mail lists are managed on the Edit Mail Lists page via the popup menu in the upper right corner for users with the "mail" role or the "admin" role.