The Settings page is accessed via the dropdown menu with your name in the upper right. The settings are organized with the following tabs

Profile this is the place to change your
  • name
  • profile picture (shown on your posts on the Home page)
  • phone number
  • birthday
  • username and password
  • email address
  • additional emails - The email lists for the site use a "white list" system to prevent spam which means that only people registered on the site can send email to the lists. If you want to be able to send messages to a list using an email address other than your primary one, add it to the "additional emails" list.
Bio edit text and upload pictures for your personal bio if you want it shown on the People page
Groups which teams/committees you are a member of
Mail Lists which email lists you are subscribed to (doesn't show group email lists, group members are subscribed automatically)