Add a Calendar event

To add an event to a calendar:

  • on the main Calendar page, select the desired calendar from the popup in the upper left
  • mouse over the day of the event (tap the day on touch devices)
  • an "add" button appears for that day, click to open a form for the event
  • the fields in the form will vary depending on what type of calendar is being viewed
  • for most calendars there is an "event" text field. When filling out this field, there is a toolbar above the field for simple formatting (e.g. bold, italic) and a button for adding links, as well as undo/redo buttons. A URL can be typed or pasted into the text and it will be displayed as a link in the event. Use the link button when you want the text for the link to be different than the URL.
  • click "Add" when you are done

    some calendars are configured to check for overlapping events and will display the conflict on the calendar. Some of these may be configured to treat overlapping events as a waiting list.

Repeating events:

  • select an option from the "repeat" popup to set when the event repeats
  • an "end date" field will be displayed for repeating events. Leave it blank for events that repeat forever.

Some calendars support reminders:

  • click "add" button on the reminders row
  • configure the "when" field to set when the reminder should be sent
  • optionally enter a "note" for the reminder email
  • enter a valid email address or select one of the email lists from the popup for this field (if your site has email lists)
  • the special value "poster" may be entered to send the reminder to whoever added the event (this is most useful for "automatic reminders" which can be configured to apply to all events for a calendar).
  • click "Add"