a page for accessing all the data and functionality of the accounting system.

everyone can

  • view bank account balance history
  • view deposit history
  • view the Annual Report (the main report with actual and budget values)
  • view the Arrears Report (without household names)
  • view the Common Meal report
  • view the transaction records

people with the accounting role can also

  • edit transaction data
  • edit the accounts list
  • view HOA (household) transaction history
  • edit bank account balances
  • edit deposits
  • enter assessment invoices
  • manage invoices for the Common Meal system and the Guest Rooms
  • view the Arrears Report with household names The Accounting System is a database backed, single entry bookkeeping system. The following types of transactions are supported
Invoices these are applied to HOA accounts for things like HOA dues, common meal attendance, guest room usage, eggs from community chicken, honey from community bees, etc.
Checks these are for community bills such as common house electric bills, landscape water bills, community internet connection, reimbursing households for community purchases, etc.
HOA Payments these are applied to HOA accounts when households pay their dues and/or for their invoices (common meals, guest room, etc)
Credits these are for reimbursing HOA accounts when households make purchases for the community and would prefer to get credit instead of reimbursed with a check.
Transfers these are used to record shuffling of money between various accounts

the accounting system also has support for

  • annual budgets for accounts
  • ongoing accounts that are tracked separately and roll over year to year (e.g. some communities keep their common meal finances separate from the rest of the accounting)
  • a capital improvements account for tracking individual projects funded by a single account