The Email page contains

  • a lisk to a page where you can send email to individual community members (this link is optional and may be turned off for your site)
  • all the email lists for the community

Mail lists are a convenient way to send emails to community members and to archive email conversations. Community members can post to the list by sending an email to the address of the list. Emails that are sent to that address will be forwarded on to all of the subscribers to the list.

The email lists list contains the following columns

send email to list a link to send an email to the list using your computer or device's email program
archives a button for viewing the archives for the list
latest post the date of the most recent post to the list
subscribed whether or not you're subscribed to the list. Subscription to email lists for groups is automatically set to the members of the group. Other lists can be subscribed to by checking a checkbox here.
nightly digest whether or not you want to receive the posts as they are submitted or collected together into a single digest email