Choose a calendar to view from the popup. Some of the calendars available include:

  • a Main Calendar (events and things going on in the community)
  • Common Meals Calendar for signing up for meals
  • one or more Guest Room Calendars - for reserving the guest room(s)
  • calendar for teams/committees that you belong to (if the group has a calendar)
  • a private calendar for your household

mouse over a day and click the "add" button to add an event. for the common meal calendar, click on a meal and then "sign up for meal" by the "accounts" list to sign up.

Sign up Events

To create an event that people can sign up for:

  • go to the calendars page
  • select the calendar you want from the popup (the Main Calendar is the one we use for events for the whole community and events that reserve common areas)
  • mouse over the date you want and click the "add" button the appears in the upper right corner of that day
  • fill out the form with the data for your event
  • click the "allow people to register for this event" checkbox near the bottom of the form
  • click "save" in the upper right of the form

Events that have that checkbox checked can be signed up for by others. When they click on the event they can see the details of the event including a list of people who have registered for the event. Click "add" for the registration list to register for the event.